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Wahl Vacuum Trimmer Kit with Powerful Suction for Beards, Facial Hair, Stubble, Nose, & Ear Hair Clipping – Lithium Ion Powered Electric Shaver With 22 Individual Cutting Lengths?

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19th Oct 2019

I use a product like this: https://www.amazon.com/Trimmer-Powerful-Suction-Stubble-Clipping/dp/B07SML5536/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=trimmer+vacuum&qid=1571505380&sr=8-16

It has a vacuum so the hair gets sucked into a compartment. Obviously it’s only a trimmer so it won’t remove hair completely but it might help. Also I only use it for my face but why wouldn’t it work for everything? The only problem is you have to empty the hair pretty often, like I do it 4 or 5 times when I trim my face after a few days of stubble.

This isn’t the one I use but I can’t find the one I use in my order history for some reason. You can search around for the best one.