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Wacom Intuos Draw?

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16th Aug 2018

Not that I’m aware of dude. The pen and tablet have a defined set of sensitivity values. I have no idea just what kind of numbers, but the tablet can sense the pen before it touches the tablet, then sense how hard you’re pressing. A mouse only has a binary clicking or not clicking function.

This is the one I have. 100 GBP is a lot though. I payed 75 Euro for mine almost 2 years ago. If you check out any local PC stores you’ll probably get it far cheaper than that Amazon link. I’d strongly recommend getting even an entry level tablet like mine if you’re into digi art at all. I only use mine for big stints every few months and I still consider it a great investment. Without it I don’t think I’d have the patience to do anything on Photoshop other than editing existing photos.

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2nd May 2017

Wacom Intuos Draw is also good and costs about 70€ https://www.amazon.de/Wacom-CTL-490DW-S-Stift-Tablett-inklusive-Softwaredownload/dp/B013ATUR46 ^^^(this is the german Amazon store)