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Wacom Intuos Art Pen & Touch Tablet Black (CTH490AK) – (Renewed)?

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29th Oct 2017

Intous tablets are great, but their main selling point is the many levels of pressure sensitivity that is more useful for illustration purposes. They help mimic the feel of pressing down lightly with a pencil, or getting a full range of thickness on an inked line. They are also great for programs like Zbrush or Mudbox where you are essentially sculpting out a 3D model.

If you are just starting to dig into 3D modeling, a top of the line tablet might not be super useful. Wacom has a Bamboo line which is a little cheaper, and Amazon has a wider variety of options in the $60-$150 price range.

Also see if you can find any of the refurbished models. Sometimes you can get a steal on a one generation old Intous for cheap. Just doing a quick search, here is a small, refurbished Intous for only $70.

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9th Jun 2018

Yeah! Some can get super expensive (Riot artists use a Wacom Cintiq, which is a computer screen you draw on and also costs thousands of dollars. It’s future goal when I’m higher up in the UX design field.)

I got the name wrong, I use the Pen & Touch, available on Amazon.

I used this Huion for some grad school projects.

And I own this Intuos4 which I do NOT recommend. The wired version’s mini USB port is notorious for breaking, which bricks the tablet unless you open it up and solder it back together. I guess the positive side was that I learned how to solder. The newer model that solves this problem is around $500.

I’d recommend getting the Wacom Pen & Touch or Huion tablet and learning before investing in an Intuos.

I also love your concept by the way! Never mentioned that. I think the hardest part of drawing Illaoi is making her super buff but still feminine. Kudos to the Riot art team for figuring that out.