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VWINDESK Wooden Material 72 inch MDF Desktop or Tabletop Only, Matching with Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Frame,with 60mm gromment Holes,Natural Color(30″ x 72″ x 1″)?

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13th Jul 2021

Nice setup. I love the retro iron look on both your stand and stool.

I have dove into some of the other ‘corner’ sit/stand desks and they all recommend a ‘mending plate’ with 6 screws to hold the 2 rectangular pieces together. I’m totally OK with buying another pair and using them on top & bottom to help distribute the strain of the “C” clamp. Or putting a “T” shaped piece on the bottom.

I am thinking of a 72″ inch version of this for the long section: VWindesk 72" and a 48×24 from the same company for the other side of the “L”. The Topsky frame has a metal bar that runs along the middle of both tops to prevent bowing. I just have to worry about the strain right around the “C” clamp.