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VWINDESK VM201 Manual Hand Cranked Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Frame Only, Ergonomic Standing Desk Base 2 Leg Workstation,Gray?

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7th Jan 2021

As lots of customers requests, we have hand crank desk frame stocks in US now, 😂 but to our surprise, the customers high request hand crank desk frames, finally all buy the electric one. Because they are not cheaper too much comparing with electric desks.

One business clients bought 700 hand crank desk frames, he said lots of handwork people like the hand crank standing desk very much.

you can try to check our hand crank frame. Personally don’t like the hand crank desk frame.

Buy it on our website can save 15%, and about $169 https://vwindesk.com/product/vwindesk-vm201-manual-hand-cranked-height-adjustable-stand-up-desk-frame-only-ergonomic-standing-desk-base-2-leg-workstation/

Amazon link – new link,no comments now.