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VWINDESK VJ301 L Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Corner Desk Frame Only W/Triple Motor, Ergonomic Sit Stand Up Height Adjustable Steel Base with Digital Memory Keypad (White)?

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7th Jan 2021

try to compair our L-shaped desk frame with others, Similar L-shaped desk frame, ours should be the lowest price, but comparing with the 2 legs, they are not cheap. on our website, there is a 15% OFF, that would be about $450.



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27th Dec 2020

in Canada, you can try our standing desk frame https://vwindesk.com/ca/product/vj301-s3-l-shaped-height-adjustable-corner-desk-frame-only/

Compare on the sturdy, features, price…real free shipping

if you don’t trust us, you can try to buy on amazon.ca, easy to return and real free shipping, https://www.amazon.ca/VWIN-Electric-Adjustable-Standing-Ergonomic/dp/B0834SJ4LK/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=vwindesk&qid=1609048288&sr=8-3