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VIVO Electric Motor Height Adjustable Corner 3 Leg Standing Desk Frame, Frame Only, Sit Stand Ergonomic L Frame, Black, DESK-V130EB?

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14th Feb 2021

This appears to be like the one I got from Vivo on Amazon, except way cheaper. It’s pretty sturdy desk.

I did decide ultimately to use it not as an L shape. I couldn’t find a table top that would work for me give the dimensions I needed to fit a corner. I had to buy a new controller box from Vivo for around 30 bucks, but can convert back in the future.

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13th Jan 2022

Ive also been thinking of a similar design for a corner desk! nothing i find is wide enough.

i went and bought these desk legs thinking i would just get two pieces of wood the sizes i want and attach them.

but now im rethinking it. they are bit expensive and i should be able to find a way to make stable, non moving, legs that do the same job, but i want it to be stable.

im considering hairpin legs at the corners, and then one across the seam between the boards, but im not sure yet.

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27th Nov 2021

You can buy adjustable height benches on Amazon; I just put one in my home office this holiday weekend. Don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel.