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Vive Humidifier Water Bottle – Mini Ultrasonic Cool Cup Mist – USB Powered for Travel, Car, Baby Bedroom, Office – Filter Replacements Included – Portable Personal Cooling Air – Quiet and Compact?

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4th Jun 2020

I can’t say anything about longevity yet to be honest, we just got our cave set up this week. Only issue I’ve seen with it is that getting the humidity sensor in a good location for a consistent reading is difficult. (We’re using a 2ish ft^3 fridge, and opted to not use a fan. The lack of air flow doesn’t help the cloud disperse after it runs.

The humidistat is set to 80, with a 3 degree range either side. Readings vary from 77-93% humidity depending on if the humidifier has just ran. Most of the time is in the 80’s, which is good enough for us (better than a fridge without any humidity we figure).

We also have a bowl of damp KCl and a glass of water in the fridge which could maintain 85% normally, but the humidifier is needed to off set the drying effect of the refrigeration cycle.

Water usage seems very low, no signs of condensation even directly above the humidifier. So far so good, and it was cheap enough to experiment with.

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If they don’t, its the vive humidifier from amazon, its about 10 bucks