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7th Jun 2021

Supplement science is too tricky. I don’t want to say anything that sounds definitive, especially since it would all be coming from someone with out a gene difference.

Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc are the only ones I preach because systemic deficiency are too common.

Everyone in a developed country almost with out exception is low on Vitamin D. My Dr. once told me only 2 patients she ever tested where not low in some by some measure. Both had recently returned from trips to Africa. The treatment is stupid’s simple 10,000 ui once a week for 8-12 weeks. Unlike some vitamins there no danger of Vitamin D toxicity so I just get this bottle and take one once week. 4 year supply for 1 person of 1 year for a family of 4.

Zinc is fun, if you can taste Zinc your not deficient. If you cant taste it you are. I find the immune system claims regarding Zinc to be inline with my outcomes. I add this liquid form to my children’s milk

Magnesium for all the previous mentioned info dump. I understand about bio availability. I would so I would prefer Calcium Citrate but I don’t worry about it. I have a 250 tablet bottle of discontinued Cal-mag-zn its 100% of the 3 and 50% of Daily copper. It doesnt cause any stomach upset or distress. I get some extra hear and there from multi vitamins and food so its nothing to worry about.

potassium and sodium are just salt on food and you just need both. The easiest and best way to get potassium I find is NoSalt its 50/50 potassium chloride and potassium bitrate has a less bitter taste on food to me and makes my drinks taste like sports drinks. I like them separate but some people like it blended lite salt .

I take a B complex like everyone else and a separate B18 Choline since its not always represented. Choline, raises my triglycerides its like soap for the liver helping release them so they can be utilized. Your worried about triglycerides I’m not. I want them circulating because I am actively trying to convert and burn them for energy.

I also take L-Carnitine in the form of L-Carnitine tartrate. Performance seekers are always supplementing with Acetyl-L-carnitine to get energy quick. I want my body to take combine l-carnitne with triglycerides and make my own Acetyl-L-carnitine not side step the process.

If I where you I would stop all of my supplements. And go hard keto. And have my potassium nosalt on all my food and a little in drinks. Start with Vitamin-D cause you cant go wrong there. A regular B complex not a mega dose cause that shouldn’t do any harm. I would do that for a few weeks and see how I respond. Then I would add a balanced Calcium Magnesium and Zinc supplement. and see how you respond to that. Then gradually add other things.

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19th Dec 2020

I don’t know anything about Modafinil, I found this post reading about your recent Work Drama posts. I did want to suggestion you treat your S.A.D with simple Vitamin D. Take 10,000 UI once a week for 12 weeks. Then regularly there after. This bottle will last you forever.

Amazon.com: Vitamin D3 10000 IU Country Life 200 Softgel: Health & Personal Care

I also suggest you try Taurine. just a half spoon in any drink.

Amazon.com: NOW Supplements, Taurine Pure Powder, Nervous System Health*, Amino Acid, 8-Ounce: Health & Personal Care

Also regarding your work drama. Do no work outside the official duties you signed your contract for. Do not work outside your contracted hours. Do not spend any time outside of work finishing up things you did not have time to finish due to your hours. And be sure to send the president of the company a Merry Christmas email. With a google Voice number. Give your self a title Lead IT Admin.