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Vitamin D 4000iu – 400 Premium Vitamin D3 Easy-Swallow Micro Tablets – One Tablet a Day High Strength Cholecalciferol VIT D3 – Vegetarian Supplement – Made in The UK by Incite Nutrition… (400, 4000iu)?

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8th Mar 2021

Thank you very much but I’m the anon from the other thread you posted in.

I need 32,000ug per day this is far, far too low


This, 8 pills of this a day would work and it’s 400 pills, so 400x4000ui – For £9.99 (Ignore the “deal” price)

That’s 50 days worth

Is that about as good as I’m going to get?

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22nd Dec 2020

Don’t get the supermarket crap.


Get a proper dose. The RDA’s are so out of date, and 4000ui is a much better dose.

Also, if you’re taking it on an empty stomach pair it with cod liver oil as it needs fat to be absorbed properly by the body.

Further reading: https://examine.com/supplements/vitamin-d/