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Vital C Vitamin C Super-anti-oxidant Advanced Face Serum with Dmae 1oz?

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25th Jan 2017

Holy Grails (neither AB, but hey)

pre-AB, dehydrated and sad; now combo/sensitive/red

Renova 0.025%, well buffered

More than anything else, this has been remarkable as an undereye treatment. It thickens the dermis, and by heavily dampening it down with sweet almond (also said to help dark circles) I’ve gone from panda to almost-can-get-away-without-wearing-concealer. Something I picked up in a forum years ago, and one of the most valuable skincare tips I’ve ever found. Do not put on the upper eyelid, though–just too powerful.

Vital C Advanced Face Serum with DMAE

This is a SAP formulation I picked up on TJ Maxx when they had a free shipping offer; it normally goes for $45 but was $7 for an ounce. I did as much research as I could and found minimal data, except for rave Amazon reviews (that checked out on Fakespot). I figured, ok, $7, why not.

Damn glad I did. Within a day, my redness had decreased, like, 90% (totally subjective, I know, but I have to stress how dramatic it was). I think it is the SAP formulation that is good for redness; I like that I don’t have to worry about niacinamides/phs like crazy, and that it won’t oxidize in a second. You really only need a drop or it gets kind of greasy.

My only fear is that it is being discontinued–not selling on Amazon now. So I bought another two bottles for the fridge last week when TJMX again had a free ship, no min offer. You can check there to see if still around if interested.

Worse comes to worst, will try to find a similar SAP formulation in the future. Sure hope it isn’t being d/c’d, cuz it’s freaking great.

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12th Apr 2017

It’s actually a SAP (I don’t really know the difference…). It’s Vital C Vitamin C Super Anti-Oxidant Advanced Face Serum. Made by Dermapeutics and sold on Amazon.

BUT I think it’s been dc’d… the only reason I bought this particular brand was because it was on sale for $7 at TJ Maxx. This was at least two months ago, but you could check there or Marshall’s (if you’re in the US).

The Dermapeutics website looks kind of sketchy so I was like “umm…” but I did some research… wasn’t a lot to find out, other than those reviews on Amazon (which I checked on Fakespot.com and which came back as authentic), so I just winged it. It isn’t an acid so pH doesn’t matter per se. And I’m glad I did! It reduced redness so well that I ended up buying two more bottles three days later; in cold storage, should stay good (I hope).

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16th Jan 2017

Ditto for me on HG being the Galactomytes. I couldn’t believe how my red skin changed after just a few uses!

Second–and premature (although potentially even MORE impressive): using a good Vit C serum. I had been DIY’ing it for years with no benefits (what a shocker!), but recently bought Dermapeutics Vital C Advanced Face Serum ("clinical formula with DMAE") when I saw it on sale at TJ Maxx for $7 (goes for like $40 everywhere else). Did all the research I could regarding ph, concentration, etc., and found little other than that it got stellar reviews on Amazon–that Fakespot reported as real–and that it is a SAP formulation. Given the bargain, I bought it.

Three days into the bottle, I haven’t looked this glowy in ages. My skin is soft: just incredible.

PSA FOR THOSE INTERESTED: And for those interested: just looked on TJ Maxx and it is still on sale for $8, and today there’s apparently free shipping, no minimum. Gonna pick up some more bottles! I really don’t know that it is more effective than any other good Vit C serum, and again, the caveats re pH/concentration, but this stuff is really working for me. And the SAP means it is great for sensitive skin. Check it out here.