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Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder for Personal Security – Purple?

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11th Feb 2021

Okay so apparently the exploding dye packs count as booby traps across most of the US. However, I’ve found this powder, you just need to find a way to make sure it gets all over their hands when they open the package.


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28th Feb 2022

Found my way to this Via Dr. Ramani, she’s lovely 😀

Late to the party with this, but can I make a recommendation? There is a purple powder used to detect thieves, it’s sold on Amazon. It’s invisible when applied to an item, and is activated with skin contact. It takes FOREVER to wear off 😀 I’d love to see how MIL would explain it to people outside the family 😀 https://www.amazon.com/Visible-Stain-Theft-Detection-Powder/dp/B009DMKYIY

I can’t help but think why would any of this be an issue? Why does your husband care if you lock the doors or put up glitter traps everywhere since he KNOWS MIL won’t try to get into those rooms?

I’d def change the locks to the keys that went ‘missing’. You’ll likely find the keys after her next visit, somewhere YOU’VE ALREADY SEARCHED.

I really hope you guys do get therapy, so he can begin to understand how HIS personal privacy is being violated, not just yours. Good luck.

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13th Nov 2020

What country?

In the US those are lunchroom thieves.

And I’d have called it poetic justice if the person who stole my lunch got sick from it.

In fact, if it had continued, I was going to use this stuff and identify the thief:


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28th Jul 2019

This is how I would solve the issue. It’s a little elaborate, but it will be a permanent way to prevent tampering, and scare the shit out of people the first time they try and mess with shit.

Get someone to put your ticket machines in a lockable enclosure with a tiny UPS with a slot for the tickets to dispense. You want to keep the twits from touching what they shouldn’t. Make sure it’s a UPS with an obnoxious alarm. Plug the printer into the UPS, and secure the power cable that runs out of the enclosure with a cable clamp on the inside of the enclosure to prevent someone from yanking the power cable out of the UPS from the outside.

If your ticket printer is wirelessly connected to the ordering system, use a fibreglass enclosure for the ticket printer. This won’t block the radio signals. If your order system is connected to the ordering system using a communication cable like Ethernet or USB, you’ll need to secure both ends of the cable with a cable clamp with security screws. Leave the security screwdriver for those screws inside the locking enclosure so the IT guy can remove the clamps if he’s got to do some troubleshooting.

Here is the real sneaky bit: you want to give the dumbasses the opportunity to hang themselves, and you really shouldn’t screw the power cable to the UPS to the wall, just in case it does need to be unplugged in a hurry. So what do you do? You booby-trap the power cable. Sprinkle some of this theft detection powder on the plug of the UPS. Beside this plug, mount a sign saying “Ticket Printer Power. Do Not Disconnect.

When the dumbass tries to sabotage the printer by pulling the UPS power cable, the UPS will alarm, which will be heard by everyone nearby. They will also get that purple powder all over their hands, which will be a lovely way to identify the dumbass who decided to fuck with things. The UPS will keep the printer operational, and the enclosure will allow IT to remove and re-insert the cables on the printer without having to get the powder all over themselves.

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16th Apr 2021

This might help. Try to find something similar here. https://www.amazon.com/Visible-Stain-Theft-Detection-Powder/dp/B009DMKYIY

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22nd Oct 2020

Am zis-o si in threadul initial si o mai zic inca o data aici.

Monteaza inca o camera falsa, da-o cu pudra din asta https://www.amazon.com/Visible-Stain-Theft-Detection-Powder/dp/B009DMKYIY si asteapta sa o fure. Dupa, te duci prin bloc cu o lanterna uv si vezi cine are pe usa urme de uv powder

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5th Sep 2019

Exploding dye pack?

Not sure how you would make it work but it’s doable