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Vietnamese Dripper Coffee Machine Filter. Suitable for Trung Nguyen Coffee- Gravity Insert, Extra large (15 oz)?

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25th Feb 2021

I prefer the Mr. Coffee in my kitchen. I just made super strong drip coffee out of Lavazza gran selecion, with Silk sweet&creamy almond milk Creamer.. Delicious.

Dunkin donuts is served so hot that you don’t realize how shitty it is until 30-40 minutes later, when you’re actually able to drink it with scalding your mouth or burying the flavor in sugar and cream.

If you have the patience. Vietnamese pour over system is amazing.


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18th Feb 2017

We use a Vietnamese cafe sua da filter cup for brewing. It’s just a little metal cup with perforations; dump grinds in, slap the plunger in and pour hot water over. Works great and they’re bulletproof.

We like using espresso coffee in ours – cafe sua da has you drip the coffee into 1/8″ of sweetened condensed milk then pour over ice. Awesome on a hot day.

I’m not the amazon seller or anything, but here’s a link to what I’m talking about.

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