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VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch for Gamers, Anti-Ghosting Keyboard (87 Key)?

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3rd Oct 2017

They’re generally worse than both mechs and decent rubberdomes. If you just don’t like the mech feel I would use whatever feels good to you, but if you just want a low-cost option there are some great budget boards out there. My personal favorites are the Magicforce 68 and this TKL board.

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6th Aug 2017

If you’re into TKLs, the VicTsing I-500 TKL has had quite good reviews. I’ve got myself one for 15 € on an Amazon Flash Sale so you should expect to pay around $30. I found it to be of surprisingly good quality, given the price. It has a very sturdy metal case and pretty good switches (Outemu Blue). The layout is 87 keys TKL; I have the ISO version so mine has 88. Also, the board comes with a keycap puller.

Only major drawback so far is that the legends start to fade after just a few days of use, just like one of the reviews has mentioned.

But if you just want a good low-budget TKL, and you’re willing to sacrifice fading legends for above-average overall quality (given the price bracket), I can recommend the VicTsing I-500 TKL in good conscience.