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Vicllax Home Office Writing Desks, 47-inch Computer Desk, White?

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22nd Jul 2021

I had a similar issue myself when I picked up an UW monitor last year, and I HIGHLY recommend this desk…


Don’t let the price fool you. This desk is built like a tank and takes about 5 min to build (you just bolt the lets to the desk) and it has a grommet in back with a sliding opening for cable management, speaking of which….



Cable management boxes are awesome for a clean set-up, I’ve got that powerstrip / cable box set-up linked above, the outlet allows the best use of space for that particular box, especially if you have a series of weird plugs.

Lastly, this is the arm I purchased for my monitor, mainly because it offers the option of adding a handle that allows you to move the monitor without touching it…


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25th Apr 2021

I got one of these recently and it’s phenomenal…


Sturdy, stylish, and at an incredible price.

Only 47 x 23 in terms of length/width and no drawers, unfortunately.

There’s lots of similarly styled desk closer to the features you’re requesting, the cost, however, tends to fluctuate depending on the manufacturer.

I just wanted/needed something that was under 60 bucks.