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Vicllax Gaming Desk 47-Inch Modern Computer Writing Workstation Desk for Home Office, Black?

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10th May 2021

Assuming you already have a computer / monitors, a nice neo-modern budget set-up would be…

<strong>47&quot; Computer / Writing Desk</strong> $56

Built like a tank and takes about 5 min to assemble. Allows for desk mounted monitor stand and has a grommet in back for cable management.

<strong>Logitech MK545 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse</strong> $50

Full-size wireless mouse and keyboard set-up. Cables are bullshit, and wireless definitely makes the use of space/cleaning more simple. Everything I own from Logitech is great (they’re like the Honda of peripherals).

<strong>Large Gaming Mousepad 32&quot; x 16&quot;</strong> $14

I affectionately refer to something like this as a “desk-diaper”. It serves as a mouse pad, coaster, writing surface, place-to-eat-lunch (not recommended), desk-protector, etc. to the main area of your desk and looks pretty elegant.

<strong>Logitech z407 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System with Wireless Control</strong> $80

Got these speakers for my bedroom TV and they’re f*cking sick!!!

<strong>Elago MS2 MagSafe (Compatible) Charging Stand</strong> + <strong>Apple MagSafe Charger</strong> $51

Not sure what kind of smartphone you have, but a cool charger with a small footprint is vital to any desktop set-up

<strong>Modern 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet</strong> $150

Can go under or next to your desk, serves as drawers/organization for your office/desk. Slap a couple of stickers on that bad-boy and you’re ready to rock.

<strong>Ultrawide LED Desk Lamp</strong> $64 (after $8 off coupon on amazon)

These are amazing and work really well. Its design allows for ample light without being distracting or in the way. Highly recommended.

<strong>Ikea FNISS Trashcan (3 gal)</strong> $1.29

Afforable, sturdy, looks cool and matches the build.

<strong>3 Sided Powerstrip with USB ports and Flat Plug</strong> $23

When setting up electronics in my new place, I realized these 3 sided outlets work the best in case you have a bunch of stupid fat plugs/bricks, it allows you to better organize the line-up so it’s more manageable. Flat plug allows for a lower profile/outlet accessibility.

<strong>TAP-UP Desk Mounter Cable Management Box</strong> $29

Cable management boxes are a game-changer in terms of aesthetics/organization. This one mount to the back of your desk, and the connecting top piece has a groove to hold a cable (I usually keep my keyboard plug there for when I need to recharge.) This box combined with the desk/grommet works really well together.

<strong>Wayfair Basics – Mesh Task Office Chair</strong> $65.32

Chairs are really personal, so try and find what best suits you and your needs. With that being said, I prefer an armless chair that isn’t leather. No arms allow for more space when you push in the chair, and no leather means no sweating.

<strong>Unique Loom Abstract Stone 4 x 6 Oval Rug</strong> $46

Assuming your floor is hardwood, a rug really makes everything look nice and feels good to walk/sit/move on when working. Grey/off-white is enough of a contrast to make your desk set-up pop, while not having to worry about stains/scuffs.

<strong>Bootleg KAWS + Milo Figure – Black</strong> $36

Toys are cool. 😛

Roughly $655 in total with $300+ to spare.