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VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Black Air Purifier for Home & Large Room, 325 Sq Ft., HEPA Filter & 4 Premium Activated Carbon Pre Filters Removes Allergens, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander & Odor Complete Tower Air Cleaner Home & Office?

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6th Oct 2021

this one. I like it a lot. The replacement filters are reasonably priced, and it blows air out horizontally instead of straight up like a lot of other ones so you can get some actual air circulation going in your room/apartment.

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22nd Aug 2019

Don’t bathe him too often – the oils come back with a vengeance.

I have an air purifier in my room where her cage is and we can’t smell her at all.

Here’s the link on Amazon.

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11th Sep 2020

Amazon. I have this one, it’s not the best BY FAR, but makes a massive difference, and the filter replacements aren’t ridiculously costly. Make sure you price out extra filters for whichever one you go with, some are much more expensive than others.

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15th May 2019

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier True HEPA Filter & 4 Premium Activated Carbon Pre Filters Removes Allergens, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander & Odor Complete Tower Air Cleaner Home & Office, 325 Sq Ft. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4IRIWK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_YR12Cb4FGZNSR

I’ve had it for a couple months and it’s working great.

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28th Apr 2020


This one is really good and is a reasonable price. (I will say I did need to replace my first one, that wasn’t working properly out of the box. However the company was exceptional with replacement. And the new one works perfect!) It’s small and powerful, and fairly quiet.

The HEPA filters aren’t washable. However you can buy charcoal (carbon) filter in bulk on Amazon and cut to fit. As a prefilter it does great extending the life of the HEPA filter. And helps to control smells.


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15th Mar 2022

I grabbed several of these for various rooms in the house last year and they helped a ton.


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1st Sep 2020

As someone who used to wake up with allergies each morning for the last 10+ years, I used to take claritin, flonase, and allergy eye drops. I bought a quality air purifier for my room when I sleep and now I rarely have allergy issues. I’ll still take the costco version of those meds here n there but an air purifier next to my bed did wonders. I am actually about to buy another one.


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17th Jun 2019

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13th Sep 2020

Thanks! I have the VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier HEPA Filter.

Very sadly, these filters appear to be out of stock everywhere due to the fires out west. But I suppose I could order one for delivery in November and find space for a second air filter in my home.