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Venture Horizon Dual Desk Mobile Work Center-White – White?

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4th Jan 2017

Wow, thank you! I hadn’t thought of doing a big craft desk like that because I was stuck on the idea that the desk had to go under the window. That would really change the layout of the room in a good way. I can’t say I love the look of the crafting desks, but I might get over it … especially if I made one with a drop leaf so that I could work on big projects without sacrificing floor space … hmmm.

I think you’re right, pet food in the guest room is the way to go. I wish it could go elsewhere, but my house is 3 b/ 1 ba, under 1000 sq ft, and was built in the 1920’s, so the kitchen and bathroom are both postage stamp sized. I had to rip out the laundry closet last year and move the fridge to be able to put in a dishwasher!

Thanks for your thoughts, they’re very helpful!

Edited to add: I’m in love with the idea of moving the desk under the chalkboard – I bet I can make something like this double seater wheeled desk, but add a drop leaf in the back on a piano hinge so that I can roll it out to the middle of the room for really big sewing projects. With the double seat, I can leave a small sewing project on one side and work on my laptop on the other, esp if I do get the kitty hutch and put the printer over on it. You have been so much help! Thanks!