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Velocifire VM50 Retro Mechanical Keyboard 108-Key Full Size with Brown Switches LED Illuminated Backlit Anti-ghosting Keys for Copywriter, Gamer and Programmer, Wrist Rest Included?

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15th Nov 2017

First timer – help me find a good one?

I have some Amazon gift card to use up, and I’m hoping to find a good starter MK there. I know that A) I prefer a more tactile bump and B) clicky is not a good idea because I want this keyboard for work.

I would also like to be able to switch out keycaps eventually, I really like the idea of having keys with no letters / numbers on them, different colors schemes, etc. I understand this would be much easier if not done via Amazon.

Are the chinese, lower priced options like This one with Outemo Brown switches good bet?

Should I try something more like This one with Cherry MX Browns?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!