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Veemagni 1.75X Magnifying Desk lamp with Clamp, 3-Diopter Glass Lens, 3 Color Modes, Stepless Dimming, Adjustable Swivel Arm, LED Lighted Magnifier Light for Repair, Reading, Close Work, Craft (White)?

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2nd Nov 2020

Awwwwwe you are husband goals! Here’s some useful nail stuff i got from amazon. Life changing may i add lol
This lamp is also a magnifying glass. It helps so that i dont have to crouch down to look at the nails lol. However i see a lot of nail techs on instagram have this expensive lamp

This arm rest is fantastic since her gel lamp can fit right underneath it. I like the high arm rest since its easier for product to flow downwards on the nails when the hand is propped up on that.

Now.. this seat cushion is just fantastic. You should get one for yourself too lmao. I bring it with me everyday to nail school lol. My posture is just better on it. Makes any chair super comfy. My nail chair is literally a fold up one from costco but this cushion on it makes it feel like its an expensive chair.

Each nail room i see has those alex drawers from Ikea to store all the nail stuff. Hmmm if she still needs practice look up glamerliz on instagram or rediguana. They sell realistic hands you can practice nails on. Its good to use them to take pics on instagram with.. if she has a nail instagram dedicated to just showing her work.

Being in the nail industry is expensive😂 so many upfront costs. I wish my bf would buy me nail stuff but asking for a nail room a month into the relationship would scare him away hahah. Hopefully i was able to help!