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Varmilo VA87M Mechanical Keyboard w/Cherry MX Brown switches PBT Keycaps?

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6th Feb 2020

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Don’t make a Rook*ie mistake, check the prices.
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6th Feb 2020

Yeah definitely. I’m currently using Gateron Reds and they’re great. Never tried Kailh so can’t give a personal opinion on that, but I’ve heard they’re some of the best around that are still pretty affordable.

For 200 and below, market opens up quite a bit. If you want to try a 60%, Anne Pro 2 can often be found for around $80-90 and they have a lot of selection for switches (Kailh/Gateron/Cherry), Duckys are good but only come with Cherry MX sadly.

Varmilo and Leopold keyboards are also super popular over at /r/mechanicalkeyboards. Something like this:



Those are all the Ducky keyboards available. Staples also has most of those (no mini tho) and they often have coupons that bring down the price, if you want to wait for that.

There’s some cheaper options like the Coolermaster CK530/550 (550 is full-sized and 530 is TKL iirc):


Has gateron switches, Amazon doesn’t have all options in stock currently I guess but I’ve seen those there for about $90-105. Once again, same are available at Staples too so you can wait for a coupon if you’d like.


This one is also great from what I’ve heard, Cherrys but the keyboard quality/build is great.