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Varier Variable Balans, The Original Kneeling Chair, Black Fabric, Black Base?

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5th Aug 2015

So I’m thinking of getting one of those kneeling chairs–But preferably not one that costs $400. I’m never comfortable at a desk chair. I’m constantly shifting and fidgeting and just…uncomfortable. I remember having a kneeling chair a looooooooong time ago (back when I used to game on my Commodore 64) and I’m pretty sure I remember loving it.

I have kind of weird issues with my back and joints. Sitting in normal desk chairs can often result in sore back, hips, and knees. I think it’s because I always sit forward, with my back straight, as opposed to leaning back. It causes my weight to sit awkwardly on my hips, and having something to brace my knees against can help me balance it out more? I dunno.

Has anyone else tried these chairs and found them better than standard desk chairs?