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2nd Feb 2017

> I’d look into using Vanicream

Is this the vanicream you were talking about?

> You may want to use an electric shaver

I already do use an electric shaver but for some reason the eczema still remains… I suspect this is due do me scratching unconsciously while I sleep…

> My biggest advice is focus on your hands and your upper lip. You need to lock in moisture

I’m thinking maybe I should moisturize every 1 hour by setting an alarm and see how it turns out. Do you think this is overkill?

> When your hands are that bad you should put a thin layer of cream, like cerave

I’m sorry I’m not sure if I follow, I thought Cerave alreayd locks in moisture? Also, is this the Aquaphor you’re referring to?

> Others might suggest you look into increasing your vitamin d production

I’ve actually looked into this before hand and was told by a teacher in the past to take Vitamin D pills. Should I do a combination of going outside more and taking a Vitamin D pill or does the kill tie into your advice with Multivitamins?

I really appreciate your insight on this it is very useful to me

Edit: With my current blanket, should I get a “duvet cover”, for example this cover here and put my current blanket inside it or do I need to buy a different blanket?