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Valeo Industrial VLP Performance Low Profile 6″ Back Support Lifting Belt, VA4685, Black, Large?

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30th Apr 2015

If you’re hyperextending you aren’t engaging your abs hard enough. I would think about preparing to get punched in the stomache. While you’re squeezing your abs make sure your sternum is visible (i.e. chest up) in the mirror (if you don’t you will flex your spine).

You might want to consider a light-duty belt like this to help you que your abs to engage.

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8th Apr 2015

Dude get one asap. I have a very basic Valeo belt and its incredible.

I avoided a belt and straps also because I thought I would look stupid having them at my very modest level of lifting, but when I asked my trainer, his answer was immediate: “Definitely get one asap”.

I see what he means, the belt is incredible.

This is the belt I have:


The straps:


I only use the straps for deadlifts and rack pulls, but they are amazing. My grips are very strong but taking them out of the equation for certain lifts really lets me focus on my form.