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V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone?

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26th Oct 2020

Is this strictly for music. Based on the bands you listed and a slight preference for bass I highly recommend the vmoda crossfade wireless (1).

Full disclosure – they are really just wired headphones that vmoda decided to give Bluetooth capabilities to and add 50 bucks to the price tag, but that’s not a bad thing here. They sound great, easy to drive, and give terrific clear bass without completely sacrificing the upper mids. They’re also super durable and come with a great manufacturer warranty in case u did break them.

For cons – they are almost strictly for music (does have a mic but not a great one) and the clamping force + weight bothers some people (not me). Vmoda also offers xl pads (and there are some cheaper alternatives that aren’t half bad) that do wonders for isolation and comfort without sacrificing (too much) the sound stage.

They’re on Amazon for 150 US dollars, which is right in your budget. If you have prime, I’d recommend going for it, trying it out for a week or so (with burn in time) and worst case scenario you can send them back if you aren’t happy (just check your local area to make sure you can do returns as i know some locals aren’t participating in Amazon returns due to covid)

Amazon link

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13th Dec 2016

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless is $270 on Amazon. Also, please follow Rule 1:

>All requests that solicit product opinion or ask for purchase advice must be posted in our purchase sticky

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4th Sep 2020

V-MODA’s Crossfade Wireless used in wired mode with the V-MODA BoomPro Microphone and the XL ear pads is a good option for both gaming, comfort (can’t stress the comfort enough) and your music preferences. I consider myself to be a bass head, and I think this fits your bill and your stylistic preferences. All for $150 is tough to beat.

This gives you options for listening to music wirelessly from your phone, then also gives you the ability to enjoy it for gaming, as well.

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29th Sep 2020

Deal link: Amazon

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30th Nov 2016

Wireless + good isn’t that cheap.

Options are:

V-MODA Crossfade

Sony h.ear on MDR-100ABN <- currently on sale? 200 USD instead of 350 USD

Sennheiser RS 175/185/195