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uxcell PC Computer USB 2.0 Wired Numeric Keypad Numpad Number Mini Pad Keyboard?

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13th Mar 2016

Hmm ok – I’m not sure that I fully follow. Do you have a writeup of the project anywhere or something like that?

is this what you mean for keypad. Why did you need that? I mean – if you scanned to a certain directory wouldn’t it just be synced automatically?

Also what type of scanner was it? Just any old scanner? I’m just wondering if i can rely on any scanner to talk to the Pi alright.

Was the work flow

  • Scan doc
  • something on the keypad
  • file uploads to owncloud
  • can send people links to the images on owncloud they can view online.


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30th Dec 2016

you can always get yourself some cheap numeric keypad like this which is basically just a small keyboard, and a couple of buttons, take the board of the keypad out, solder wires from the buttons to the 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys and put everything in a project box and voila, you’ve got a button box that looks like the thing in your link and sends the keystrokes you want yo the computer, dirt cheap and no programming or custom electronics.