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Utopia Kitchen French Press Espresso and Tea Maker with Triple Filters, Stainless Steel Plunger and Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass (Black)?

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20th Nov 2020

Been using a french press for nearly a year now, it tastes way better than any other kind of coffee. However the filter is constantly letting ground coffee slip through, and I’m drinking it. Any suggestions? Do I just need to replace the filter? this is my french press, except it doesn’t have the filter at the bottom.

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2nd Oct 2020

Sorry… THC is not water soluble. So giving it a water bath simply washes away the scorched dust covering the material (the end result of vaporizing the trichomes).

It can be done other ways, but by far the easiest is using a French Press. Simpy place your ABV into the press, fill with warm water, place the plunger back into the glassware, depress the plunger to the bottom. Then empty the stained water. Raise the plunger and remove, add warm water again, mix, replace plunger and depress again… keep repeating this until the water runs clear (no longer stained).

If you plan on adding it directly to some food, drying is optional. However, if you are going to infuse oil, or if you plan on adding it to dry ingredients (for brownies or cookies for instance), you should dry the material. For alcohol tincture, you can leave it wet or you can dry it (I’ve not noticed a difference with alcohol based tinctures).