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Utopia Bedding Full Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Full, Burgundy)?

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12th Sep 2021

Here’s the sheets I got on Amazon

(Sorry if I butchered the link haha).
So I tend to go for polyester sheets, as they’re more like a silky, smooth feel. They keep me cooler and have a “summer feel” to them.
Flannel sheets are warmer, sort of like a wool feel to them. They’re too warm and too..I don’t know, grainy on me? I can’t fall asleep right with them, they get stuck to me easier and just make my bed a sweat haven. Hope this helps!

Brains a little foggy from waking up so I’ll come back and edit this comment if I don’t make sense 🙂