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2nd Apr 2021

Most clinics won’t do over a BMI of 50. That said you don’t need to lose 120lbs to get there.

I used USN Dietfuel Ultralean 4 a day for 6 weeks. Lost 60lbs. Had 1 cheat meal a week (and I didn’t mess around with my cheat meal)

I had my WLS in Lithuania. European equivalent of TJ. Cost me £6000 ($8500) Inc flights and a week in a suite in a nice hotel (Park Inn by Radisson)

As of this morning I’ve lost 154lbs! Do it. Invest in yourself. Depending on TJ prices don’t rule out a flight to Europe. This is my clinic. If its going to cost $10k or more its got to be worth a look even for the hot Eastern European nurses.

HW453 SW384 CW300! RNY 7th Nov 2020