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US Fast Shipment Flat Utility 600 lbs Foldable Capacity Weight Bench – Pentaero Flat Bench Workout Utility Bench Capacity Sit Up Bench Weight Training and Abdominal Training Folding Bench (Black)?

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22nd Sep 2020

Getting off the floor.

The BIGGEST change for me with home workouts was getting a flat bench.


Outside that, putting on something motivating like Bigger by the Day on the tv while you lift. Writing out your program and checking off as you go.

I’ll write out the program and put a line next to each set I do. Even though I have to do 5×20 because I dont have heavy weight yet (delayed thanks to the fires).

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1st Oct 2020

CAP and Every Day Essential both lost my bumper plates in the mail.

If you can afford it, go with Rogue.

Check craigslist for used gear. Otherwise Hulkfit, REP Fitness, and Titan when they have product in stock or pre-order.

This bench is pretty nice. but now after 3 months it does make some noise, I need to WD-40 it.

For floor mats, just buy horse stall mats from a department store. It’ll be a lot cheaper and probably better to protect your floor.

If I had the space right now, I’d buy this leg press / hack squat.

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8th Mar 2021

I got one that folds up. I honestly just keep it out in front of my closet door.


I got this one but you can find something similar