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US English Layout SK-8845CR Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint for Lenovo Thinkpad/Ideapad/Desktop or Any Computers/Laptops with USB Port, P/N: 00MV946?

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30th Nov 2019

Yes, there are many versions, but I think at this point getting one that actually works is hard and costly. I’m thinking of creating a ghetto version from T420 keyboard and a microcontroller myself, but not sure if I’ll get around to actually doing it.

Actually no, there is one available for $100: https://www.amazon.com/SK-8845CR-Keyboard-TrackPoint-Thinkpad-Computers/dp/B076TTGTGK

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3rd May 2018

I just got the ThinkPad Compact Keyboard with Trackpoint.

Check out the Lenovo site, the wired and bluetooth versions are listed there.

Amazon lists this older styled keyboard.

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30th Jan 2018

I bought an SK-8845 last week, from Amazon