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Us 104 Position Key Layout Black G83-6104LUNEU-2?

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4th Jun 2014

I am a pleb gamer and pleb (50w/min) typer, and I’ve used good membranes, scissors, MX blacks and IBM springs* for both. It is my suspicion that a lot of the marketing around mechanical switches and gaming is cynical hype. If you are a professional gamer then sure, your keyboard could be limiting your performance (see m1ld‘s point about hovering). But if you’re that good you’ll be buying 20 keyboards and using one or two of them, not going on third party advice.

My $30 Cherry G83 has membrane switches and feels amazing compared to every other membrane board I have used; particularly the HP Turd™ that IT have parked on my desk. If you do go with mechanical I believe the feel of the board/keys/caps after some use will be more important to you than a 2% reduction in your double-tap speed, and most likely blues or browns will be fine. Can you buy one and exchange it for a different switch if it doesn’t work out? Would a switch tester help, or do you think you need to use it for some solid gaming sessions? Good luck and have fun!

^* ^Actually ^not ^gamed ^on ^springs.