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URIAGE Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream 2.5 fl.oz. | Skin Regenerating Moisturizer for Dry and Irritated Skin | Calming, Soothing and Protective Scar Treatment?

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9th Aug 2021

Antibacterial soap, and Vaseline would be best beat depending on how bad the burn is. Or generic neosporin.

I have used this barrier rash like treatment cream when I picked my skin really bad. I would use this after the first few days just to be safe.


Depending on how bad it is I would also wrap it well to seal in the moisture, protect it and decrease any chances of scaring. If possible keep mini cold packs to help it be less inflamed. Once it starts to heal enough to where you feel you don’t have to wrap it up by a gentle sunscreen to put on it everyday when outside.