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Universal Audio Apollo Twin High-Resolution Thunderbolt Interface with Realtime UAD DUO Processing?

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20th Jan 2017

I personally love it and use it all the time! Unfortunately, it is a UAD Plugin and you must buy some hardware to be able to run it.

You would need to pick up an Apollo Twin to be able to run any of the UAD Plugins.

It’s kind of a bitch that’s how it works, but if you ever find the funds I would TOTALLY recommend looking into it as I have never used a UAD plug that I haven’t just immediately fallen in love with.

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14th Dec 2014

I would use it but nah. Only if you had the interface that specifically processes the audio with those UAD Plugins.

Something like this -> http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Audio-High-Resolution-Thunderbolt-Processing/dp/B00I0RHU8K

I used to own one of these but I returned it after Ableton plugins didn’t work perticularly well with it.

So… Might wanna get one of those Apollo Twins 😀