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UniCusMech XDA Profile PBT Material Sublimation Printing 144 Keys Full Set Personalized Keycaps for Gateron Kailh Cherry MX Switch Mechanical Keyboards(Plastic)?

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3rd Sep 2021

thank you!! theyre clones of the “Plastic” set by Melgeek. my only complaint is that they’re a bit hollow, so the sound of the switch is a little more amplified, but other than that i really like the customization/different combinations of keycaps you can make w/ the blue and orange accents they give you 🙂 they’re my first XDA profiles and i’m enjoying them a lot!!

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B094J7JM71 <– this is where i got them, but if you google plastic clones you’ll probably find higher quality options!