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Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest Plus – Foam Foot Rest for Circulation and Comfort with Hook and Loop-Fasten Fabric – Office Essentials Footstool for Men and Women by Dr.Cushions, 4x11x17.5 In.?

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7th Aug 2020

I originally got this footrest because I was developing hand and wrist strain so I made ergonomic changes to stop Carpal Tunnel or other RSI issues from developing. It’s half cylindrical shape allows you to flip it over and rock your feet on it to increase circulation, and playing with it (with my feet) has become a new stim of mine. If you’re interested, you should probably look around to find a good size and firmness for you that’s in your price range.

I’d also recommend making more ergonomic changes to your workspace, especially since you’re already experiencing pain. Repetitive stress injuries and other health problems associated with computer use are nothing to mess around with. You don’t need to drop hundreds on a state of the art desk- I didn’t have the money or space to. Some other commenters have great suggestions about standing at a counter, stacking books to make sure your monitor is at an optimal height and taking stretch breaks. I would recommend splurging on proper back support (or a high end office chair if you can afford it) but if not, a pillow and proper monitor height suffices.