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18th Jan 2022

I want to get a foldable bike to use at home but I’m having trouble interpreting if they’re only useful for 90 year olds or people are just bragging about it being way too easy going off reviews. I don’t want to outgrow something within a month or two and then it be useless.

My main goal is to burn calories and I am unable to access a gym unfortunately more than once per week and I want to do an hour every single day. I’d consider myself as an unfit 30’s male but I don’t struggle to move, I typically walk 5+ miles every single day at work no trouble. My BMI says overweight but not obese.

Specifically I was looking at this bike here.

I don’t mind spending twice maybe three times as much but I really could use something foldable unfortunately as I have very little space.

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8th Sep 2020

Okay, well what if you started off with like a fold up exercise bike, should be easy enough to get and have space for right? You could watch a youtube video or stream or something while getting exercise. You could just start off with five minutes a day and go from there up to 10-20-30 and so on. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003FSTA0U?pf_rd_r=T2TBXKTFC2D9B1DZ4ATB&pf_rd_p=e632fea2-678f-4848-9a97-bcecda59cb4e

How are you with nutrition? Do you know much about it? These are good starting points.



As far as ugly, you can make changes to your benefit, if you get a haircut that suits you better, or if you have glasses you can get glasses that suit your face shape better, if you have a beard you can style it in a way that flatters you more etc etc. You can keep optimizing these things.

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7th Sep 2020

Oh is it? Well thanks, I dunno I just thought religion and loneliness make perfect sense, lonely people often feel abandoned by other humans, but God doesn’t do that, he isn’t a mere human, we’re literally here this moment being willed into existence by him, so who can really feel lonely if they know that.

Okay well, you’re still only 20, a lot of people get degrees today in their mid and late 20s and older. How have your parents been with the anxiousness over the SAT’s? Have they been supportive? Have you considered medication if only temporarily so that you can complete the SAT? I’m not American so I don’t know if you can still do it?

I’d keep an eye on eating emotionally if I were you, it’s okay to have some treats or a luxury now and then but if it turns into a kind of self medication it’ll make things worse, you don’t want to make things worse, you want to address the negative things you’re dealing with now and start turning them into positive on top of positive. You should just learn to make a few healthy meals, one at a time.

You know what you should get if you feel lazy? Get a fold up exercise bike like this, it won’t take up much space and you can do whatever you can at first, 3/4/5 minutes whatever, you can do it while watching a youtube video or game stream or whatever you like. As you progress, you could do at least 30 minutes a day, or 10 minutes every hour you’re at home, it depends what you want to do yourself, but it’s an easy way to get exercise in, if you’re anxious. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultrasport-Collapsible-Exercise-Training-Computer/dp/B003FSTA0U/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=exercise+bike+folding&qid=1599509679&sr=8-3

Anyway hope this helps somewhat.