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15th Apr 2021

Hey, I know its easy to freak out about this type of thing but saliva drug tests tend to not pick up much in a lot of cases. What is the context of this drug test? That is a big thing. You’ll need to drink litres upon litres of water and take vitamin C (you know those dissolvable vitamin c tablets?). Otherwise drink a ton of orange juice. You’re gonna wanna piss a lot. Shower, snort water and get all of the speed out of your sinuses. Brush your teeth and tongue a few times. Don’t let the test touch the inside of your cheeks at least. Here’s some advice I found from a quick search anyway:

From another reddit thread:

“Hold the swab with your teeth and you should pass. My roommate went into his old job stoned as fuck and passed by doing that. They want you to hold it like under your tongue or on your cheek for like 30 seconds, but if you can fake it just holding it with your teeth you should be good. “

If you cannot do what is said above, I recommend asking for another test if you do test positive, because saliva tests are generally so fucked that chances are the second test will not test positive once you’ve done what I said in the first paragraph. Do you have the ability to lie for this test? If its more casual you can say you have a prescription for something like adderall if both tests come back positive. Worry about proving that after the fact.

Here’s also something from another source:

“There are some specific types of mouthwashes, such as Ultra Kleen Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash, or Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. Either one of these should perform a ‘detox’ of your saliva right away, and will keep it ‘clean’ for an hour afterward. This should effectively allow you to pass a surprise saliva drug test.”

I think especially using a mouthwash with high alcohol content is a good idea (assuming alcohol is something you’re okay with showing up on the test).

Try all of the above and you *should* be okay. Most importantly, stay calm. Good luck!