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Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2 Black Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof?

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11th Sep 2017

Great weekend for camping. Left my bug net off, never deployed my tarp (seen in skin above the hammock). Mid 60s and sunny during the day, low 40s at night.

0F full length underquilt, 10F top quilt. Needed to vent when I woke up in the morning as I was a bit too warm. All of the tent people were talking about how it was so cold. I actually sent one of them sitting by the fire to my hammock to warm up in the AM.

As often happens, I fielded questions about hammocks, let people try it out, and coached newer hammockers in the Lying Way.

One new thing I did this trip was hang my UE Roll off of the ridgeline. I liked it.

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12th Aug 2017

Perhaps something like the UE Roll 2 is small enough.

Or Amazon’s little clip-on speaker.

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21st Nov 2017

UE Roll 2 for me. Best speaker I’ve ever had. Waterproof and has a bungee cord that attaches it to anywhere on the cart: