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Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM (2015) Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker – Charcoal?

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10th Apr 2018

Disregard naysayers, acquire beat.

There is nothing wrong with listening to music on the road – I have been doing that for thousands of kilometers without any issues. You just have to be smart about it – music is good, but hearing what’s behind you is also important. Do not use headphones that block out noise from outside – invest in bone conductors (Aftershokz) if you must, otherwise use speakers and exercise common sense – heavy metal on full blast on the city streets is obnoxious at best, but on the other hand – music warns pedestrians and other cyclists of your approach. That is very useful in busy sections.

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18th Jan 2019

It’s the only megaboom out there, here’s the amazon link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TXBOWVA/ref=dp_cr_wdg_tit_nw_mr, i use it for dorm parties and house parties and it cranks it to the max, can also charge while using, and lasts a while, has great volume also.

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25th May 2018

Personally, I am using UE Megaboom speaker, but in a crowded city it might not be a good option, I suppose. I use it in a city anyway – our cycling infrastructure is mostly on sidewalks and having some good metal parting the sea of ignorant pedestrians in front of me is pretty useful.

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7th Jul 2017

Most phone speakers are absolute garbage in terms of sound quality. Some phones are alright, but if you want to enjoy the music, getting something designed for it is always a good advice.

I’ve just ordered an UE Megaboom, which seems to be the best for cycling at the moment. We’ll see.

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25th Apr 2018

Yeah. We have most of our bicycle infrastructure on sidewalks in Lithuania. I do this. Only I don’t sing. I use the power of heavy metal, electrogaze, dubstep and rock’n’roll to clear the way. Rest assured, you will know I am behind you.

UE Megaboom. Any weather, any season. Ain’t riding anywhere without it, I got a dedicated internet plan and a waterproof phone just for Spotify on my bicycle.

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26th Sep 2017

UE code is worthless. Speakers are already over 25% off on Amazon right now.

UE MEGABOOM Charcoal Black Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TXBOWVA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ipUYzbEF9MA2G

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21st Jul 2018

If you get two of these they pair stereo. I used an app to set it up, but I think it says you can do it without an app.



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10th Jun 2018

Yes, I somewhat use Bluetooth as my primary right now.

I have a UE MegaBoom I use for whenever I play music from my phone or my PC when I’m away from it. However, whenever I’m browsing the internet or game for long hours I use my Sony MDR950bt.

I’m trying to convert all my devices to Bluetooth because wireless is the future.

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21st Nov 2017

> What one item has changed your commute?

UE Megaboom a few months ago. I can not imagine riding without music now.

> What do you do to try to minimize/simplify the things you take with you to work?

I am the opposite of you and most other commentators in this thread – I like to carry as much stuff with me, as I comfortably can. I ride for about 20 km (one way), which takes me across countryside and then a good bit of city. If I don’t want to risk getting stranded in a middle of nowhere, I need to carry tools and even some additional clothing in winter. Because the countryside bit is also infested with semi-feral dogs, wild boars and even moose, while I ride out in dark and return at night, I need to have something for self-defense just in case, then emergency battery bank, fashlight, bags, carabiniers, belts and other odds and ends – it adds up. I practically never leave without a backpack, though I try to keep it light, otherwise I suffer from terrible shoulder pains.

So, to answer that question, my most valued item regarding item management is my backpack (Vaude cycling-specific backpack with relevant straps and a reflective cover against rain and mud). I do not use panniers, because I often leave my bicycle locked next to a shop and I don’t want it attract more attention, plus I need to carry things with me.

> I’m currently trying to pick people’s brains because I’m building an online shop tailored towards finding products that commuters need.

Make sure to include universal phone holders, boot covers compatible with clipless systems and rainproof clothing – the kind of thing that is actually rainproof, over an hour of riding, not just for ten minutes. I had really good experience with Hi-Tec brand in this area, pants in particular – magically doesn’t get sweaty but stops water completely. A good selection of helmets is also important, paying attention to different designs, since most mainstream helmets look retarded and it is really hard to find something that doesn’t make you look like a fool. Oh yeah, thermal drinking bottles (in winter) would probably be popular as well, if you can find some quality brands.

Most stores also do not carry (separate) sleeves that guard against sunburn. Could be a nice idea to try out and see if there isn’t any interest.

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16th Oct 2017

There are always other options.

They make Bluetooth speakers.

I personally have these three:



If you do not need waterproofing, you can get decent budget Bluetooth speakers under $30.

If you are determined to keep your current speakers because they are particularly nice, your best bet might be a USB-C dock. I cannot find any with a 3.5mm output, but I am sure they will exist soon. This has the added benefit of making it easier to stick on the charger.
Example: https://www.amazon.com/Stouch-Charger-Charging-Cradle-Desktop/dp/B019V87GP8

Or you can turn any 3.5mm speakers into Bluetooth speakers using this:

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30th Sep 2017

Make sure your PS4 has optical output and that DAC would work. I think some of the SKU’s do not have optical output. Set your PS4’s output to PCM. You can also just use your TV’s optical output if it has one. Heck your TV may have an analog output and maybe you can try that first.

In your goal price range the Swan D-1010IV is the best you’ll find I think.

I don’t know the differences between x and y portable speaker. At my desktop I have stereo and for movies and console games I have a 5.1 setup. A portable speaker does not even give me stereo. That said, u/JohnBooty was recently impressed with the UE Megaboom. Double the price of the Boom 2, but hey maybe it means the Boom 2 doesn’t suck.

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12th Nov 2016

Same price?


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21st Oct 2016

The user/scammer has already been removed. It was this item:

Looks like it happened a few times:
(look at 3rd party for the last month)

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13th Jun 2016

Looking to pick up a Bluetooth speaker for use outdoors. My primary concerns are sound clarity at higher volumes and at decent distances from the speaker.

There’s a portability aspect that I’m looking for, too, although most Bluetooth speakers aren’t going to be obnoxiously cumbersome.

So far I’m looking at the JBL Xtreme, or the UE Megaboom.

I know that with Bluetooth I’ll be compromising some sound quality, but I need the portability that it will afford.

Any thoughts?

PS I can edit my links if I’m not allowed to link to vendors directly

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27th May 2016

UE Megaboom made by logitech. Kinda pricey I know, but I got 40% off around christmas time last year from my job.

And I got this sticker pack.

These are the stickers it came with, used about half on the bike. http://imgur.com/H9xzPYO
Got most of the ones I had my eye on, but I really wanted the SEGA one!

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29th Jul 2015

I know how everyone feels about Bluetooth, but I need portable speakers.

Budget: $100-$300 depending on the quality jump

I have been looking at:

The UE Megaboom at $300

The regular UE Boom at ~$150 hopefully

Or the Fluance Fi30 at ~$145

Other than the obligatory “Is the $150 markup worth it?” I really just want to know if any of the three should be avoided, as well as are there any other speakers I should be looking for?

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28th Jul 2015

Hello all.

I am looking for a portable speaker(s) to take with me tailgating at concerts and sporting events and possibly to the beach. How loud it can go is very important to me as well as quality and of course I want it to be wireless and water resisitant preferrably water proof.

I’m used to have these

But returned them due to poor bluetooth range and overall functionality. Volume wise they were decent.

I’m willing to spend on a good product and I keep coming across the UE Megaboom.

I know this item is much more than my old speakers $300 vs $80 so I’m trying to make sure its going to be that much better.

Is this Megaboom really that loud? I mean it seems to fit in the palm of someones hand as opposed to my old speakers which obviously couldn’t and there were 2 of.

Any advice or reccomendations are appreciated.

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4th Oct 2017

Others already outlined the usual necessities – ID, tools, tubes and lights (particularly as winter closes in and I ride purely in the darkness).

There is one thing that I personally find necessary beyond that, though – music.

This is a highly controversial topic on Reddit, as most people will downvote and/or jump at your throat for even mentioning it… I reckon vast majority never even tried, though. For me, a ride without music is incomplete. Besides the music itself, I am using a boombox instead of headphones, which is very handy by warning pedestrians and other cyclists of my presence (almost all Lithuanian cycling infrastructure is on shared sidewalks). It’s like a bell that is always active.

I always find comments about not being able to hear traffic quite funny. You’d need this to drown out traffic noise.