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U473D Slim Multimedia Keyboard with 2 USB Port?

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16th Jan 2015

Right now I have a Dell multimedia keyboard from some past desktop. Looks like it’s a U473D. Mouse is a Logitech M705.

I can deal with corded keyboards… but not with corded mice.

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5th Jul 2015

Okay. So most people I know would suggest a full size (104+) key mechanical keyboard. And mechanical keyboards are great and all, but they cost a ton normally. I was able to get a K70 (non-RGB) for $78 refurbished. For people who have no idea what a mechanical keyboard is, you’d be put off by the prices normally. The average mechanical keyboard is somewhere between $90, to like closer to $190 for the higher end keyboards, like the Corsair K95 RGB. Corsair, Ducky, Cooler Master, Razor, and IBM are some of the brands that make well known mechanical keyboards.

I know it’s a little above your price range, for if you actually want a mechanical keyboard, your best bet might be for a K65. Right now Corsair is selling refurbished ones for $45, which is a pretty good deal considering they’re normally twice that amount. Link here.

If you don’t want a mechanical keyboard [yet], that’s understandable. For sure though, you want to get a wired keyboard, not a wireless one. I used a wireless keyboard for the longing time before I got into gaming, and it was good for what I was doing. But for gaming, that keyboard did not make the cut.

I ended up switching to a keyboard, similar to this one. (Please note that that’s $28 new, but you can get a refurbished one off amazon there for $10, at least at the time of posting this you could.) That would be my final suggestion to you. It has the standard 104 keys you’ll need, then it has some extra buttons, for shortcuts and media controls, as well as having two USB ports on it.

Honestly, there is not one best keyboard, and definitely not one best keyboard under $30. It all boils down to your preferences. Somebody else might completely dislike the keyboards I suggested, and that’s understand able. To each their own.