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Twin Mattress Protector Waterproof Twin Size Mattress Cover Washable Noiseless Premium Soft Cotton Terry Vinyl-Free Matressprotector Twin for Pets Kids Adults 38″ * 75″?

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20th Jun 2021

His urine somehow gets through the impermeable sheets? Have you tried other sheets or brands? I only ask because my wife and I have used impermeable sheets for all of our kids as they were growing up and we never once had an issue with any liquid getting through to the mattress and there were many, many chances for it to.


Here is the one we use, it’s under 20 dollars and works absolutely perfectly. What we always did is put that sheet over the mattress, then put a fitted sheet for sleeping over top of it, then another of those fitted impermeable sheets I linked, then another fitted sleeping sheet. We did it that way because in the middle of the night if a child wet the bed, we were able to just pull off the first fitted sleeping sheet and the first fitted impermeable sheet, then the bed already had another set of impermeable and sleeping sheets on there so once our child was ready he or she could go right back into bed without having to wait for the sheets to be changed. Once you have the wet sheets washed and cleaned, put them back on the bed so the next night he goes to sleep with two sets of regular and two sets of impermeable sheets again. Whenever you next have a new mattress or clean your current one to your satisfaction, please try this method, I think it could really help.