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Tvilum Wyatt 4 Drawer and and 2 Shelf Desk, White High Gloss?

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Firstly, how much gear do you have set up at any given time? What type of gear? Since space is an issue, I’d try to find something that could do double duty around the house that would be utilized for another purpose when not in studio-mode. Maybe a desk that could replace a dresser to hold some clothing and your equipment. Then hang some shelving to reduce the clutter from the desktop with the less hands-on pieces.

If you definitely can’t make space in the house, your best bet would be to set up a prefab shed budget-wise, but most of those are going to have moisture/temperature issues to deal with, not to mention bringing power out there. You’d want to insulate the space and keep the humidity relatively low, which could get costly. I honestly wouldn’t consider heading outside and erecting a jam shed at all without a very decent budget.

Having to work around the wheelchair is a big limiting factor trying to come up with DIY solutions, but if you’re able to set aside a corner for something like this you could get your stuff up off the floor and give it a permanent place without sacrificing much space.