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Turcom TS-6608 Graphic Tablet Drawing Tablets and Pen/Stylus for PC Mac Computer 8 x 6 Inches Surface Area 2048 Levels Pressure Sensitivity, 5080 LPI?

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26th Feb 2015

Thank you! I drew everything except the text with a graphics tablet – just a cheap knock off of a Wacom. I got it on Amazon for $40 and it’s so easy to use! I’ve never done any design like this before and I was able to figure out the mechanics quickly. I’ll post the link when I’m not on my phone later if you want it.

We haven’t printed yet, but we are just printing at home on recycled cardstock. So with ink costs and paper it will probably cost around 30-40$ total to print, plus $20 for envelopes and however much stamps are going to cost. So hopefully less than $100 total (for 100 invitations).

EDIT: Here’s the tablet I used.