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Tugood Bluetooth Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Over Ear Headsets w/ Built-in Micphone, Foldable, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs, and Wired Mode for PC, Cell Phones, TV in Black Color?

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22nd Jun 2019

I couldn’t imagine not using bluetooth headphones tbh, the utility outweighs the space/weight for me. I’m on my 2nd pair of cheap Amazon folding headphones and no regrets at all. [1st / 2nd]

The advantage of cheap headphones is I’m not at all worried about losing or breaking them and I definitely get my money’s worth. Also, the designs I’ve gotten can be used with an aux cable if the battery is low/dead – a lifesaver for long bus rides/flights with no outlets. The disadvantage is that the quality isn’t remotely close to audiophile levels, but it’s still good enough for casual listening. Pretty stoked that this 2nd pair lasts 8+ hours of active use on one charge. I’d say they work beyond expectations for noise-cancellation as well, but I wouldn’t rely on these for that.

For carry, I keep them around my neck when in transit or fold them into the top hanging strap of my backpack otherwise.