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TTLIFE 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers for Large Room Baby Bedroom, Humidifiers with Remote, Essential Oil, Customized Humidity, LED Touch Display, for Your Family?

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10th Feb 2021

I have a slightly smaller (maybe 800-850sqft) 1 bedroom and my bill for the last month was about $100. I’m only 1 person so that could be why it’s lower but I do heat the place at 70-72 during the day. One thing I found that helps a lot is having my humidifier set at 45% humidity heated mist all the time, which is actually effective even though it’s not very warm to the touch. I don’t leave the heat on when I go to sleep, and the heated humidifier is the difference between waking up to a 60 degree room vs. 68 degree room in the morning. I use a humidifier all winter anyway and it’s much smaller than an AC unit so I don’t think it’s costing me too much extra to use heated mist. This is the one that I have.