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Tt eSPORTS HYPERION Gaming Headset Cradle EAC-HC1001?

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12th Jan 2015

lol I’m not a stand snob. My favorite stand is this, great design + looks cool with the light behind it. And of course, there’s always money in the banana stand 🙂

^(glad you like the music sub!)

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11th Jul 2015

whatever I’m listening to that day

But right now, nothing. It’s in my closet. My favorite stand that I keep going back to (and am using right now) is this cheap-but-awesome esports, also from Thermaltake.

And after my recent conversation with /u/Mad_Economist, it is going to hold up the JVCHASZ2000 right now because I am going to listen to this since it is hot off the presses and I have been eagerly awaiting it.

I mean, it starts awesome and ends awesome and everything in between is, well, awesome 🙂