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17th Aug 2021

>It is ironic, but until his version of NXT, HHH appeared to be so disrespectful to everything that was created outside of WWE or did not follow the WWE blueprint of getting over

I actually read HHH’s book, and a story he told in that is always in the back of my mind when people heap praise upon “Papa Haitch” for what he had done with NXT…

Essentially the story is that he went to a corner store, and ran into a guy that he trained with when he first started out at Killer Kowalski’s gym. They exchanged pleasantries, and the guy said HHH should stop by one of their shows to check out some of the guys he might know. HHH then talks about how he couldn’t believe this guy was still working local shows, and that if he didn’t have what it takes to be a superstar in the business, why is he even still bothering?

Just the absolute scorn he seemed to have for this guy that started out at the same place he did blew my mind. It made me realize that HHH probably thinks this way about most people – if they aren’t the best, they aren’t worth his time.