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Triangle Borea BR02 Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers (White, Pair)?

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28th Dec 2020

> What are cons beside the fact that you can not upgrade them later?

For me, that’s a pretty big con. Also, it doesn’t only have to do upgrades. It’s quite common for cheaper amplifiers to stop working after a few years. So in 3 years when the amplifier goes out, you’ve got to start over and buy a whole new system.

Another big downside for me is lack of options. For $500, you could get a lot of different passive systems.

Once you get an amp, you’ve got loads of speaker options. Triangle, Elac, Wharfedale, HSU, Ascend, etc. You can really tailor your speakers to what you want, rather than just having to choose one of the few options for powered speakers out there.

I don’t hate powered speakers. I’ve got some and they’re nice. I just personally wouldn’t pick them over passive speakers.