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Travel Foldable Electric Kettle, Collapsible Electric Kettle Food Grade Silicone Small Electric Kettle Boiling water,Dual Voltage(600ml,110-220V US Plug) (Blue)?

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3rd Jul 2021

I received this portable travel kettle last Christmas and have been using it for my mini tea station at work. If you scroll down to the description it’s 700W.

No complaints, it’s worked fine so far after half a year of daily use. No rusting- but I do dry the kettle when I’m done and don’t leave water in it. No temp control though, so if you want to make green/White tea you’ll need to do it before it comes to a full boil, of wait a bit before stepping your tea. Even then it’s not going to be the exact recommended temperature unless you use a thermometer but my tea has been good still just giving the water a little Time to cool a bit. Easily holds enough water for 2-3 mugs at once

Of you don’t like this particular one I’m sure portable/travel kettle as keywords will lead you to similarly powered kettles, maybe even some with temp control.

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15th May 2021

Ours is kindof like this.

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2nd Jun 2021


I just bought this one for travel at the beginning of COVID but haven’t had a chance to really try it out.